Mammoth Foreclosures v9.9 The Horse Latitudes

The Mammoth foreclosure market is going nowhere. The causal observer thinks the foreclosure cycle is over. Insiders know differently. There are still plenty of distressed, underwater, and non-performing properties. This broker has no clue what the future holds. But for now the air is still, and where we get blown … READ MORE

Mammoth Foreclosures 8.0. Nightmares Abound and More Twisted Operation

My original slogan of “expect the unexpected” in the foreclosure and REO realm has recently moved in more twisted directions. While the slow turn of distressed properties continues with owners continuing to occupy properties for REALLY extended periods without making payments, now some of the banks and lenders are actually … READ MORE

Mammoth Foreclosures 7.7––The (Potential) Buyers and Rolling The Dice!

The REO circus of the last two weeks has exposed and verified a few growing trends in Mammoth real estate and specifically the foreclosure and REO markets. While the banks and investors who own these properties are unemotional, methodical and have a very structured sales process, the (potential) buyers are … READ MORE

Mammoth Foreclosures v7.0–Where are the screaming deals?

The controlled burn of foreclosures in Mammoth flames on but the buyers looking for the screaming deals continue to be discouraged, but it is all relative. And what would a  “controlled burn” be without things getting out of control just a little bit? The media, and especially the real estate … READ MORE

Meidian Court Foreclosure

Mammoth Foreclosure of the Week | Meridian Court #F202

Meridian Court F202 — Okay, it’s been a little more than a week but I’ve been busy. Seems most of Mammoth has tried to escape to the Tropics or someplace warm and I can’t blame them. My turn comes at the end of the month. But here is something interesting. … READ MORE